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* Flash - general use problems

(views: 19516)

Use clickTag with AS3 clip

How should the clickTag be applied on a ActionScript 3.0 clip ?

(2008-09-18 - views: 56482)

Accordion (Tree) Menu V3

(views: 38859)

Go to different frames by pressing a menu item

How can I go to a certain frame of my movie clip when I click on a menu item ?

(2008-10-24 - views: 26751)

Accordion Panel V3

(views: 28032)

Open Accordion panels automatically (slide show)

Is there a possibility to create a slide show by opening automatically the panels, one by one, after a timed delay ?

(2009-10-28 - views: 12590)

ActionScript Bridge

(views: 13203)

ASBTerminal.addEventListener - method doesn't exist

For example, the Help docs say to use: [code]instanceName.addEventListener("status", listener);[/code] But in my AS2.0 class I have a variable that is of type ASBTerminal and I get an error saying the addEventListener method doesn't exist. [code]class com.eaxis.ReadingPane extends MovieClip { private var _asbTerminal:ASBTerminal; function ReadingPane() { _asbTerminal.addEventListener( "status", this ); _asbTerminal.addEventListener( "ASBReturn", this ); } private function status( evtObj:Object ):Void { if( evtObj.level == "status" ) trace( "Connection succeeded…" ); if( evtObj.level == "error" ) trace( "Connection failed…" ); } private function ASBReturn( evtObj:Object ):Void { trace( "The AS3 function " + evtObj.functionName + " returned "+evtObj.value ); } }[/code] How should I accomplish this? If I remove the var type I avoid the error but the listener still doesn't work. Thanks in advance for any help! P.S. besides this little hiccup (which is most likely my lack of knowledge about the component), I've been pretty pleased with ASB!

(2007-10-29 - views: 11210)

Advanced MP3 Player V1

(views: 17070)

Embedding the mp3 player into HTML

How can I place the mp3 player in a HTML page and pass it the name of the .xml file from there ?

(2008-06-12 - views: 22223)

Color Picker Pro V3

(views: 14593)

Change color of target clip

How could the color picker change the color of a movie clip from the stage, after a new color has been selected ?

(2008-06-03 - views: 14659)

Context Menu Pro V1

(views: 10840)

Context Menu Pro V1 without XML file

Hi, how can I use the Context Menu Pro V1 component without XML file or how can I call the functions directly in a frame with AS on the timeline please? Thank's a lot

(2007-12-08 - views: 10211)

Drop Down (Tree) Menu V3

(views: 29828)

Initiate DropDownTreeMenuV3AS3 by ActionScript code

I am creating a full AS3 website and would like to initiate the drop down tree menu from the actionscript without placing it on the stage.

(2008-10-24 - views: 16890)

Easy ToolTip Component V1

(views: 10767)

No questions

( - views: )

Flash ToolTip 2007 Pro V1

(views: 11353)

Display tooltip between roll over and roll out

Can the tooltip be displayed on a mouse action, at a specified location and closed on another mouse action ?

(2008-05-14 - views: 12693)

Flv Video Player Pro V1

(views: 13120)

Enable for video smoothing

Does the Flv Video Player component support video smoothing ?

(2008-05-26 - views: 18340)

JC Thumb Viewer

(views: 8608)

Crisp and clear thumbnail images

Why thumbnail images are not always crisp and clear?

(2010-04-15 - views: 9367)

Loader Pro V3

(views: 22330)

Smoothing for transparent PNGs

It seems that when the imageSmoothing property is true, the transparent PNG images are smooth but they are no longer transparent - they have a white background. How can this be solved ?

(2009-02-05 - views: 14649)

MCTE V3 (MovieClip Transition Effect V3)

(views: 36255)

MCTE + LoaderProV3 + Multiple transitions

How can I change the MCTE + Loader Pro V3 slide show example so that the slide show uses different effects on the images ?

(2009-01-26 - views: 37990)

ScrollBar Pro V1

(views: 12105)

How can i use the hand cursor instead of the pointer?

I would like to use the hand cursor over the scroll button, instead the mouse pointer. How can i do this?

(2008-04-30 - views: 14572)

Text Menu Bar V1

(views: 11643)


I would like to load an external swf in my movie using the text menu Bar V1...I do understand xml and action script but am not entirely sure what node to use to pass the parameters. Like for your Drop Down Tree menu v3 you can add a child node in the main node of the xml file. Would there be a similar node in the Text Menu Bar v1. I thought i saw a tutorial on it here a couple of months back, but cant seem to find it now. Would i be able to use the callFunction to aid me in this situation, or use the url parameter to call for an external .swf?? I dont think so, but ill try and play around with it....I am sure I'll figure it out, but any push in the right direction would be great...Thanks!!! - Once you know how Flash works the rest is trivial......:-)

(2007-12-12 - views: 12831)

Thumbnail List Pro V1

(views: 13204)

Change the red triangle of the visited thumbnail

Is there a possibility to replace the red triangle on a thumbnail that has been selected ?

(2008-06-30 - views: 13063)

Thumbnail Slider Pro V1

(views: 21039)

Automatic slide show

Does the ThumbnailSlider component support automated slide show ?

(2008-07-28 - views: 84026)

TxEff AS3.0

(views: 38400)

TxEff animation does not loop

I've placed a TxEff animation inside a movie clip and placed that movie clip on the stage. But when I test the movie, the text animation does not loop even if I put a gotoAndPlay(1) command on the last frame of the animation. Is there any way to make a loop with TxEff animations ?

(2008-07-28 - views: 14731)

XML Slide Show V3

(views: 31738)

Adding description for each slide

Can I add a Dynamic text box with the slide description from xml, and how to do it (as)...thanks

(2008-10-22 - views: 13215)