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XML Slide Show V3

(views: 31758)  
A sliding-fashion XML Slide Show flash component, both vertical and horizontal sliding transitions between slides. Supports auto slide and fast forward; it uses Loader Pro V3 to load slides. Here are all known issues for XML Slide Show V3. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know.

Create a fancy fullscreen gallery with XML Slide Show

(2007-08-06 - views: 32447)
Q:How can I create a fullscreen gallery using the XML SlideShow V3.

Slide images from left to right

(2008-03-24 - views: 22718)
Q:Can the XMLSlideShow component change the sliding direction from right to left, which looks to be the normal movement, to left to right ?

Show description on image roll over

(2008-04-18 - views: 14820)
Q:How can I display a description of the images when the mouse rolls over them and then hide the description when the mouse rolls out ?

Adding description for each slide

(2007-10-01 - views: 13574)
Q:Can I add a Dynamic text box with the slide description from xml, and how to do it (as)...thanks

slideTo example

(2008-03-18 - views: 11186)
Q:Hi, can you show me any exemple how to use this method? I dont know how it works...


Add URLs to images

(2008-07-08 - views: 10217)
Q:How can URLs be added to the images in the slide show, so when a user selects an image, a new page will open ?

No Hand Cursor

(2008-05-10 - views: 9395)
Q:Is there any way not to show hand cursor over images?

No Continuous Scroll

(2008-01-29 - views: 9085)
Q:How can I make this to have one clear start/end point without having a loop?

Dynamically Add a XML string

(2008-09-19 - views: 8446)
Q:How do I dynamically load the XML from a string .. not from an XML file?

Description moving with slides

(2008-01-28 - views: 7958)
Q:Can I make the description text for each of the slides not just display in text field above the component but move along with the slides ?


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