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Text Menu Bar V1

(views: 11655)  
TextMenuBar is a highly customizable flash menu component that enables flash developers to embed advanced flash tweening menu bars inside their web pages in minutes, saving precious time and money. TextMenuBar works in particular with Flash 8 and Flash MX2004 and it is usable in flash or HTML site. The vertical and horizontal alignment can be set from the properties panel. TextMenuBar enables customization for each item from the menu through a XML file.


(2007-12-12 - views: 12848)
Q:I would like to load an external swf in my movie using the text menu Bar V1...I do understand xml and action script but am not entirely sure what node to use to pass the parameters. Like for your Drop Down Tree menu v3 you can add a child node <item frame = ""/> in the main node of the xml file. Would there be a similar node in the Text Menu Bar v1. I thought i saw a tutorial on it here a couple of months back, but cant seem to find it now.

Would i be able to use the callFunction to aid me in this situation, or use the url parameter to call for an external .swf?? I dont think so, but ill try and play around with it....I am sure I'll figure it out, but any push in the right direction would be great...Thanks!!!

- Once you know how Flash works the rest is trivial......:-)

XML Code

(2007-10-20 - views: 5800)
Q:I really don't know XML, but would like to run button using XML. Not sure where everything should be placed. What goes with the XML file and what belongs in the Actions. Am I simply missing the obvious?


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