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TxEff AS3.0

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TxEff is a AS3.0 Flash Component especially developed for web designers that need to include text animations within their Flash movies in a fast and reliable manner.

Flash player version with AS3

(2008-01-18 - views: 26882)
Q:How can I detect the version of Flash player into which my clip is playing, using ActionScript 3.0 code ?

Apply transitions on multiple text from xml file

(2008-03-04 - views: 18661)
Q:Can I read different lines of text from an .xml file and apply text effects on each other, one by one ?

Show and hide the text, using ActionScript

(2007-12-18 - views: 18057)
Q:How can I show the text and then hide it, using ActionScript ?

Keep CSS (a:hover) on text after effect

(2008-04-25 - views: 17574)
Q:We're having a little trouble with applying a css style sheet(a.hover) to a dynamic text field, which has a text effect attached to it. a:link works but a:hover and other styles do not... any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

TxEff animation does not loop

(2008-07-28 - views: 14761)
Q:I've placed a TxEff animation inside a movie clip and placed that movie clip on the stage. But when I test the movie, the text animation does not loop even if I put a gotoAndPlay(1) command on the last frame of the animation. Is there any way to make a loop with TxEff animations ?

Using Pattern Transitions

(2007-12-05 - views: 14662)
Q:How do you use the preset Pattern Transitions - for Example "ScrambleNo1"

Preload TxEff animations

(2008-04-01 - views: 12489)
Q:I've noticed that the animations with TxEff cannot be preloaded with an inner preloader on the first frame of the clip, as usually it's done. How should the TxEff animations be preloaded ?

Simple show and hide effect on time line

(2008-05-28 - views: 12444)
Q:Does the TxEff support a show and hide transition on the same layer and on the same text field ?

Setup TxEff from .xml file

(2008-04-01 - views: 11848)
Q:How can I setup the TxEff instance using the .xml file you mentioned about in the help pages ?

Setup properties don't display in the Component Inspector

(2008-05-29 - views: 11749)
Q:Why aren't the component's properties displayed in the Component Inspector panel, even if I have selected the component ?

"pattern is unavailable" error message

(2008-01-07 - views: 11699)
Q:When I try to run my clip, after I import an effect id from the site, I get the following error message:

The Pattern:'PatternName' is unavailable.
at TXEFF/removeEffect()
at TXEFF/transitionEffect()
at TXEFF/draw()
at fl.core::UIComponent/callLaterDispatcher()
The Pattern:'PatternName' is unavailable.
at TXEFF/removeEffect()
at TXEFF/transitionEffect()
at TXEFF/draw()
at TXEFF/callDraw()

Different patterns in & out

(2007-12-17 - views: 11135)
Q:How do you make the text transition out with a different pattern than the transition in ?

Text and transition not displaying

(2008-01-11 - views: 10926)
Q:I've added effect 416 (glow & burn) to my dynamic text, copied the component to my library, and tested the movie. The movie plays but the text doesn't appear at all and I don't received an error message. Any ideas?

TxEff pattern does not snap to text field

(2008-05-23 - views: 10579)
Q:I tried placing all the TxEff patterns on the text field but none of them snaps to the text field like TxEff does. Is this supposed to work like that ?

TXEFFEvents Properties

(2007-12-19 - views: 10563)
Q:What properties does the TXEFFEvents object have ?

Get new patterns

(2007-12-20 - views: 10063)
Q:How can get the new patterns if I've already bought and installed the TxEff component and the previous set of patterns ?

Apply filters on TxEff animation

(2008-03-28 - views: 9979)
Q:How can I apply filters like glow or drop shadow on the text animated with TxEff ?

Main TxEff animation loads external TxEff animations

(2008-04-14 - views: 9954)
Q:If there is main .swf file that contains a TxEff animation with the Blur pattern and this main .swf file loads several other external .swf files, all containing TxEff animations with different external patterns, there will be "pattern unavailable" error message displayed in the output panel. This happens even if all the external patterns used, are placed correctly in the Library of each external .swf file. The error message disappears if I place all the external patterns into the Library of my main file. How should the external TxEff animations be loaded correctly so there won't be the need to place all the patterns I use, into the Library of the main .fla ?

Bought the Full TxEff License but only have three patterns in the patterns list

(2008-06-23 - views: 9727)
Q:Just got the TxEff Full License but i noticed that i have only 3 pattern names which are Alpha , Blur, XYScale. Please is there something am not doing right ?

Cannot import effects from site

(2007-12-20 - views: 9661)
Q:Why am I not able to import effect settings from site into the Component Inspector ?


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