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All V3 Components

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V3 components pack

The pack includes all Jumpeye V3 components in both AS2.0 and AS3.0. These components were initially sold at over $600 and share the same xml/api standards. The V3 components are easy to use, highly configurable and very skinnable. All developed skins and patterns are also included.

All V3 components and assets
1. MCTE V3
2. MCTE Pattern Collection
3. Accordion Panel V3
4. Loader Pro V3
5. Color Picker Pro V3
6. XML Slide Show V3
7. Accordion Tree Menu V3
8. Drop Down Tree Menu V3
9. 35 V3 Menu skins

Note: All V3 components are available in both AS2.0 and AS3.0 The V3 components can't be purchased separately anymore.

The pack includes all Jumpeye V3 components, 21 transition patterns for MCTE and 35 skins for V3 menus.
AS2.0 and AS3.0 versions
Fully customizable components
21 MCTE transition effects
35 V3 Menu skins
Components can be configured using XML
The free version of the V3 Collection can be used for trial purposes.
AS2.0 and AS3.0 versions
Only for trial purposes