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Loader Pro V3

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flash component

Important note: This component is only available for purchase within the V3 Components pack which includes MCTE, Accordion Panel, Accordion Tree Menu, Drop Down Tree Menu, Color Picker Pro, Loader Pro and XML Slide Show (All V3, both AS2 and AS3). The V3 Components pack can be used freely for non-commercial purpose.
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Last update

This product has been replaced by JC Loader, an AS3 Flash loader that features transition effects based on FlashEff 2.0. Loader Pro V3 is still availabe in both AS2 and AS3 and it has not been discontinued yet.


About Loader Pro V3

The Loader Pro v3 is a flash component designed to help you load images or animations, both movieclips from Library or external swf files, into your flash content while adding appearance transition to it, all these without writing any ActionScript.

What is new in Loader Pro v3?

  • built from scratches based on the V3 Standards
  • 3 built-in animated preloaders + percentage show option
  • 2 advanced cropping modes: crop and crop with scale
  • better script access to the Loader and content
  • true event handling implemented
  • can be configured using XML

The story of the Loader Pro v3

We wanted to help flash users to load contents without writing code, so we have developed the first version of Loader Pro which was a real success because it had the transitions and the progress bar built-in, together with content resize & alignment features. We’ve collected all customer opinions and requirements sent to our support department in almost 2 years since the Loader Pro v1 was launched. We’ve discussed and planned for a while, than we’ve made the Loader Pro v3 especially to fit your requirements.

MCTE together with Loader Pro V3

Loader Pro V3 supports MCTE transitions on loading content. When the content is loaded, if an instance of MCTE V3 is attached to it (by drag&drop over), based on the MCTE setup, the Loader Pro V3 will perform show transitions or even transition between MovieClips for some custom patterns. (e.g. FlipOver, 3DCube patterns)
When using the Loader Pro V3 with MCTE transitions, in order to perform the appear transition of the loaded content you need to select the loader's transitionType parameter to "MCTE" or "MCTEfade".


IDE Version: Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS3
Action Script Version: AS2.0, AS3.0
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 8, Flash Player 9 +


13 July 2007 - MCTE V3 and Loader Pro V3 update containing new functionality for cross fading the Loader's contents with MCTE transitions.
In order to get the Updates/Fixes, you need to download the full product from your member download area. (free trials are also updated, older demos are not updated unless the demonstrated functionality needed to).


You'll get a Full version of Loader Pro V3 AS 2.0 Release (* Plus FREE AS 3.0 Release Upgrade), with all the above features included. You also get full support and warranty for 90 days. Please carefully read our Software License Agreement before downloading, installing, or using this product and be sure that you accept all of our Terms and Conditions.