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Loader Pro v3 tutorial

1. Install the LoaderProV3.mxp file. If your Adobe Flash CS3 is opened, please close it first and then double click on the mxp file. Follow the installing instructions and then open Adobe Flash CS3.

2. Let’s start with this picture (img1.jpg – dimensions 600x400). We will load it using the Loader Pro v3. You can use your own picture.

3. Open your Adobe Flash CS3 and create a new Document.

File>New Document choose Flash Document and set the document’s properties to 600px width and 400px height, 26 fps, like in the image below.
Click OK and then save the file in the same directory with img1.jpg

4. Open the Components window (Windows > Components or hit Ctlr + F7; or Command+ F7 on Mac), then drag and drop the Loader Pro v3 on stage.

Set the size and the position of the Loader Pro V3 on stage as below.

5. Open the Component Inspector window (Alt+F7) and set the parameters. Below is our configuration.

6. Test your movie. Hit Ctrl+Enter or in your Flash menu choose Control > Test Movie

In order to see the percentage and the preloader bar hit Ctrl+Enter again while Test window is still running.

You can load the image also from your Library not as an external file (make sure that the registration point of the movieclip overlaps the registration point of the loader). In this case, in the Component Inspector window on the source parameter you have to enter the Linkage Id of the movieclip you want to load.
Right click on the movieclip you want to load and choose Linkage…

Check the Export for ActionScript and Export in first frame options

In Component Inspector, insert img1_mc in the source parameter.

Using the Loader Pro v3 with actionscript

In order to use the Loader Pro v3 with actionscript you have to set an Instance Name for your loader on stage (i.e. loaderPro).

1. Click on the first frame of your fla file and press F9 to open the Actions window. Now if you have the instance name set, you can start adding listeners but first let set the source using actionscript.

loaderPro.source = "img1.jpg"; // if you’re loading an external image
loaderPro.source = "img1_mc"; // if you’re loading a movieclip from the Library.

In this case, make sure that the registration point of the movieclip overlaps the registration point of the loader.

2. Now you can add listeners on your Loader Pro v3 component
Adding the onLoad listener:
Event triggered when the content is loaded

import com.jumpeye.Events.LoaderEvents;

function loadHandler(evt:LoaderEvents):void {
        trace("LOAD" + evt.success);

As the onLoad listener you can also add the other listeners available, as below:

//onUnload listener

import com.jumpeye.Events.LoaderEvents;

function unloadHandler(evt:LoaderEvents):void {
        trace("UNLOAD" +;

//onTransitionStart listener

import com.jumpeye.Events.LoaderEvents;

function transitionStartHandler(evt:LoaderEvents):void {
        trace("TRANSITION_START" +;

//onTransitionEnd listener

import com.jumpeye.Events.LoaderEvents;

function transitionEndHandler(evt:LoaderEvents):void {
        trace("TRANSITION_END" +;

//onProgress listener

import com.jumpeye.Events.LoaderEvents;

function progressHandler(evt:LoaderEvents):void {
        trace("PROGRESS" +;