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Flash various components, components that are not likely to be included in Flash Menus, User Interface, Transition Effects and Audio Video. Flash utility components, application non-visual components.

JC Collection

JC Collection  as30

JC Collection is a special pack that includes all JC components at a special price.

All V3 Components

All V3 Components  v3 flash_mx2004 flash_8 flash_cs3 as20 as30

All V3 Components, AS2.0 and AS3.0

JC Panorama for Flash

JC Panorama for Flash  as30

JC Panorama Viewer is an ActionScript 3.0 component that enables displaying several types of panoramas (plain, cylindrical, spherical and cubical) and virtual tours based on multiple panoramas.

JC Flash Map

JC Flash Map  as30

JC Flash Map is a flash component used to display online maps from all of the major map providers: Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Microsoft Maps and OpenStreetMap.

Flash Bookmarks

Flash Bookmarks  as30

It is a fully customizable, free component to include social bookmarking buttons within sites and share the pages on most of the basic social bookmarking sites.

ActionScript Bridge

ActionScript Bridge 

The ASB API consists of easy to use methods and 2 flash components: 1. ASBTerminal (the drag and drop ASB terminal/connector for AS2.0, enables any AS2.0 swf files for AS3.0 integration and communication). 2. ASBContainer (the loader/container that is used in AS3.0 projects to include ASB enabled AS2.0 files, using the source parameter)