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JC Panorama for Flash


JC Panorama

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About JC Panorama

JC Panorama is a full flash panorama software that includes the following:
1. JC Panorama Viewer - the flash panorama viewer component
2. JC Panorama Editor - the virtual tour creator and panorama editing software (AIR app)

JC Panorama Viewer is a flash component that can be used to display several types of panoramic images: plain, cylindrical, spherical (equirectangular) and cubical. This flash panorama component supports hotspots (informative, web link and panorama), horizontal and vertical mouse movement, scroll zoom, transitions and virtual tours.

JC Panorama Editor is a very easy to use AIR application that allows you to create and edit panoramas to be loaded by JC Panorama Viewer as well as virtual tours directly on your desktop.

When you export your panorama/virtual tour project in JC Panorama Editor you will get the folder structure plus all images and xml, also the editable fla file for the flash panorama or virtual tour containing the JC Panorama Viewer component on the stage, all these together in order for you to simply deploy them on your web server.

How it works

1. Make sure you have the panoramic images first.*
2. Load your panoramic images in JC Panorama Editor.
3. View the panorama/virtual tour online using the JC Panorama Viewer.

JC Panorama works with any type of panorama images. (plain, cylindrical, spherical/equirectangular and cubical) However, you will need them in JPG format. Also, it's good to know that there are a lot of free utility software doing conversions from lots of panorama formats to JPG. This website has a whole bunch of "how to..." information on panoramas.

Free version limitations

The free JC Panorama pack includes a fully working version of JC Panorama Viewer that shows the JC Panorama watermark while preloading.
It also includes a free version of JC Panorama Editor limited to plain and cylindrical images. To enable panoramas like spherical/equirectangular (most used) and cubical (best looking) you need to buy JC Panorama.


JC Panorama Viewer
ActionScript: 3.0
Flash IDE: Flash CS3, Flash CS4 +
FlashPlayer: 9, 10 +

JC Panorama Editor
Adobe AIR | Download

The pack includes the .mxp install file, the AIR virtual tour creator and panorama editing software and the documentation files.
Planar, cylindrical, spherical and cubic panorama types
Virtual tours
User-friendly editor interface
The free version contains limitations and displays a watermark. This version can be used for trial purposes.
Planar and cylindrical panorama types only