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TxEff AS3.0

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TxEff is a AS3.0 Flash Component especially developed for web designers that need to include text animations within their Flash movies in a fast and reliable manner.

Bought the Full TxEff License but only have three patterns in the patterns list

(2008-06-23 - views: 9538)
Q: Just got the TxEff Full License but i noticed that i have only 3 pattern names which are Alpha , Blur, XYScale.

Please is there something am not doing right ?

A: In case you purchased the Full License of TxEff, then besides the TxEff component, you get the list of external patterns too. These patterns have to be installed separately: there's an installation file for the TxEff component (TXEFF.mxp) and another installation file for the external patterns (TXEFFPatterns.mxp). The TxEff component itself (which is free) has three patterns embedded into it: Alpha, Blur and XYScale.

If you would like to use one of the other, external patterns, you need to install first the external patterns (Adobe Flash CS3 should be closed) and after installation, open the Components panel and drag the desired pattern into the Library (patterns don't have to be placed on the stage). Then, select the target TxEff component in the stage, bring up the Component Inspector panel and select * for the patternName property. Next, set the name of the pattern you would placed in the Library to the component's *patternName property.

For more details on how to use external patterns, please see this video tutorial: