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TxEff AS3.0

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TxEff is a AS3.0 Flash Component especially developed for web designers that need to include text animations within their Flash movies in a fast and reliable manner.

Apply transitions on multiple text from xml file

(2008-03-04 - views: 18470)
Q: Can I read different lines of text from an .xml file and apply text effects on each other, one by one ?
A: Yes, you can. The example file contains a few lines read from the xml file which are displayed in a text field one after the other, with show and hide TxEff transitions.

NOTE: You can change the settings for each of the effects and you can read those settings from the same xml file. But that scenario is not the scope if this demo. It's not so hard to do that either: you only need to setup the xml so it will contain the extra information (you can choose whatever structure you want for it), read the extra information from the xml file and change the TxEff parameters according to that. For more details on how to work with xml files, please consult the Flash CS3 documentation on this subject.