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About TxEff (Text Transition Effect)

TxEff is a AS3.0 Flash Component especially developed for web designers that need to include text animations within their Flash movies in a fast and reliable manner.

The TxEff is the highest level of artistic touch that a Flash component can bring to a simple Flash movie with text. You can tweak the effects in infinite ways to get the desired text animation. Just write the desired text/htmlText inside a TextField, drag-and-drop the TxEff over it, and you're done.

The TxEff is conceptually similar to our best seller component, the MCTE V3, and it shares the XML V3 standards, however it is much more easier to use and configure than any other Jumpeye V3 component.

But hey, here comes the best part, use the online Effect DataBase and get the desired effect in seconds without learning what each pattern can do exactly, just grab the effect and set your TxEff in a single copy/paste action.

What you get within the Full License?

  • TxEff Component: The essential drag-and-drop component (plus 3 included patterns)
  • 50+ TxEff Patterns: A large resource of patterns, already 52, but we constantly develop new patterns. However our plan is to create as many patterns as needed in order to cover all Flash text animations that can be done.
  • a fast growing effect setting gallery created and shared by the TxEff community.


  • built from scratch, based on V3 Standards
  • created for fast and easy setup (effects can be applied in seconds with literally no coding skills)
  • new, intuitive and user friendly Component Interface
  • drag-and-drop over any TextField and TxEff starts working on defaults instantly
  • customizable tween type, easing type and effect duration
  • change the patterns used for the same TextField in seconds and you will have a new cool, out of the box effect
  • 6 customParams (free slots) to be used for customizing all possible parameters of every pattern
  • partial effects can be applied partially in order to give a personal touch
  • 3 included patterns: Alpha, Blur and XYScale
  • 50 + external developed patterns
  • can be fully configured using a Jumpeye V3 type XML

TxEff Transition Types

The TxEff is able to perform 2 types of transitions: show and hide transitions on TextField objects (from an invisible state to a visible one and reverse).


IDE Version: Adobe Flash CS3
Action Script Version: AS3.0 only
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 9 +


You'll get a Full version of TxEff AS 3.0 Release , with all the above features included. You also get full suport and warranty for 90 days. Please carefully read our Software License Agreement before downloading, installing, or using this product and be sure that you accept all of our Terms and Conditions.