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Drop Down (Tree) Menu V3

(views: 29794)

Drop Down Menu V3 and Drop Down Tree Menu V3 are xml flash accordion menus featuring customized states, customized transitions and tweens. Here are all known issues for Drop Down Menu V3 and Drop Down Tree Menu V3, they should be similar, since basically it is the same component. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know.

Initiate DropDownTreeMenuV3AS3 by ActionScript code

(2008-10-24 - views: 16871)
Q: I am creating a full AS3 website and would like to initiate the drop down tree menu from the actionscript without placing it on the stage.
A: The menu is added to the stage just like any other component. All you have to do is instantiate the menu, add it to the display list and set the properties (especially the XML data):

var myMenu:DropDownTreeMenuV3AS3 = new DropDownTreeMenuV3AS3();
myMenu.width = 400
myMenu.xmlPath = "properties.xml";