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Flash Bookmarks


Flash Bookmarks Component


The full version of this product can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the above button.


The Flash Bookmarks component was created to give a FREE solution for web page creators/owners to include social bookmarking buttons within their sites and let visitors share the pages on most of the basic social bookmarking sites like Digg,, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Facebook, Google and Reddit.

The visual appearance of the component is fully customizable. Users can choose the icons to be displayed, the size of the icons, the aspect of the hint text for the icons and some details regarding the bookmarked data. Below are enumerated all the available parameters that can be used to set the appearance of the component.


ActionScript: 3.0
Flash IDE: Flash CS3
FlashPlayer: FlashPlayer 9

How to use Flash Bookmarks

The usage of the component is very simple. There are 2 different ways as you can add the Flash Bookmarks component to the Stage.

        1. Visual based (recommended)

Drag&drop the Flash Bookmarks component from the components panel onto the stage, then simply configure the parameters within the component inspector.

        2. Code based

You can instantiate the Flash Bookmarks component from ActionScript using the following syntax:

var fb:FlashBookmarks = new FlashBookmarks();
fb.iconSize = 30;
fb.iconSpacing = 5;


Default:true – If true, it sends the title of the page which is retrieved with JavaScript

bookmarkType:Array Values:[page, domain]
Default:page – If the value is 'domain', it sends only the root domain, elseway it sends the full url of the page

bookmarkWindow:Array Values:[_blank, _self]
Default:_self – Sets the window where the bookmark page will open up.

Default:0x000000 – The color of the hint text

Default:Arial – The font name of the hint text (only Arial is embedded by default)

Default:11 – The font size of the hint text

Default:24 – The size (in pixels) of the used icons

Default:4 – The spacing (in pixels) between the icons

Default:true –If true, the icon will be visible within the set of icons

Default:true – If true, the Digg icon will be visible within the set of icons

Default:true – If true, the Facebook icon will be visible within the set of icons

Default:true – If true, the Google icon will be visible within the set of icons

Default:true – If true, the Reddit icon will be visible within the set of icons

Default:true – If true, the StumbleUpon icon will be visible within the set of icons

Default:true – If true, the Technorati icon will be visible within the set of icons



The method sends the current URL to the target social bookmarking site (bookmarkTo) and the page is opened in a blank or in the same window.

bookmarkTo:, Digg, Facebook, Google, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati;


SEND_BOOKMARK:String = "sendBookmark" – Dispatched when user sending an url to the selected site


import com.jumpeye.Events.FlashBookmarksEvents;

flashBookmarksInstanceName.addEventListener(FlashBookmarksEvents. SEND_BOOKMARK, handlerFunction);

function handlerFunction(evtObj:FlashBookmarksEvents):void {
    trace('Send bookmark event');

The pack includes the .mxp install file and the documentation file.
Fully free component
Customizable list of icons