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About JC Loader

JC Loader is a flash loader component that can be used to load images (.jpg, .png, .gif), library items and flash content (.swf) inside flash files without any coding. Also, you can set show and hide transitions - to make a slideshow for instance - by changing the sources. Also, you can create slideshows by changing the sources using show and hide transitions. To enable these transition effects, JC Loader features 1000+ presets based on 52 FlashEff 2.0 symbol patterns. Moreover, you can create your own custom settings & presets.


  • multiple scaling modes
  • 1000+ show/hide effects (based on 52 FlashEff 2.0 patterns)
  • built-in preloader
  • API for code manipulation
  • FlashEff-like configuration panel utility

Note: The FlashEff 2.0 patterns used with JC Loader are built-in, therefore you don't need a separate FlashEff license to use this component.

Licensing notes

A "single-user license" can be used to install the component on one single computer (PC or Mac).
To install the component on more computers within one single organization you need to get a "site license". You're going to be able to "select site license" after adding the desired distribution pack to the shopping cart. (The cost of a site license is about 2x a single-user license)


IDE Versions: Adobe Flash CS4
Action Script Version: AS3.0
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 9, 10+
Also works on AIR and various Stand Alone players

Permanent Internet connection is needed to run the JC Loader Panel (the online configuration panel that loads into your Adobe Flash CS4). The component itself (JC Loader) and the finally compiled SWF files will be able to run online and offline, so they will NOT need Internet connection to work. If Internet connection is missing, you will not be able to change the settings of the component through the configuration panel, which is only available as an online utility tool.

Important license note

You can use these licenses to create commercial web content as described in our License Agreement.
When used dynamically you have to make sure that your license covers that kind of usage. The commercial licenses purchased directly through the websites will NOT allow you to use JC Loader dynamically inside your own app/website in order to enable third parties to produce their own flash content that can be downloaded or embedded on their own pages. To do so, you need to get our written agreement and this means that you will need to pay a distribution license.
These licenses will NOT allow you to distribute, resell or embed/enclose JC Loader dynamically into another distribution pack/application/site that outputs flash content that can be used by third parties.
To get source codes, distribution rights, special customizations, non-commercial or educational licenses and also if you feel confused about these license terms please contact our sales department via email: sales [at] If you find suspicious use of FlashEff please let us know.

Image and flash loader component with transition effects based on FlashEff 2.0. The pack contains the .mxp install file, the documentation files and the sample files.
Multiple scaling modes
1000+ show/hide effects (based on 52 FlashEff 2.0 patterns)
Built-in preloader
API for code manipulation
FlashEff-like configuration panel utility