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Accordion Panel V3

(views: 28054)  
Accordion Panel V3 is a professional accordion component that loads movies and movieclips and supports both horizontal and vertical orientation, it supports customized tweens, states and visual styles. Here are all known issues for Accordion Panel V3. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know.

Non Latin characters

(2008-04-04 - views: 31880)
Q:Does the accordion panel have the possibility to display non latin characters in the panel headers (like Cyrillic or Chinese) ?

Accordion Panel communicates with a loader

(2008-05-29 - views: 24572)
Q:How can the AccordioPanel communicate a loader to load a new image when a new panel is expanded ?

Open the accordion panels automatically

(2007-07-18 - views: 19345)
Q:Can you tell me if there is any way to set the accordion panels to automatically change to the next after a few seconds?

Vertical title for horizontal accordion panel

(2008-01-24 - views: 19132)
Q:How can I have a vertical title for my horizontal accordion panel, without rotating the text field but to write the title on vertical ?

Accordion Panel slide show

(2009-04-30 - views: 16876)
Q:Is it possible to create a slide show with the accordion panel component ? So that the panels open one after the other and after the last panel opened, it starts again with the first panel ?

Stopping video content when changing the panel

(2007-08-01 - views: 16197)
Q:When you open the accordion panel, the swf loads the stream video, but
when you close the panel to see/watch another panel of the accordion,
the stream video keeps playing hidden even the audio keeps going....

Is there a way to stop it?

Open the Accordion Panel upwards

(2007-07-12 - views: 16189)
Q:I was wondering if I can make the Accordion Panel v3 expand upwards instead of downwards?

the title isn't showing in the horizontal mode

(2007-07-05 - views: 15845)
Q:I'm using the default theme, and the text of the title isn't showing in the horizontal mode

Access header title and panel content

(2008-02-12 - views: 15096)
Q:Is there a way to change the title of the item's header ? How about gaining access to the panel's contents ?

Use the Accordion Panel without external XML file

(2007-11-27 - views: 15064)
Q:How can I add the xml file from Flash using actionscript. I don't want to have an external XML file on my server.

Auto open a panel on startup

(2008-02-12 - views: 14756)
Q:How can I open a panel when the swf is loaded?

Use HandCursor on Accordion Panel's items

(2007-07-20 - views: 14739)
Q:I need a way to turn the cursor into a hand cursor when someone mouses over the Accordion Panes. Can you please let me know if you can make this happen?

Load different kind of data into AccordionPanelV3

(2007-12-18 - views: 14593)
Q:Can I load external images or .swf files into the accordion panel ? How about movie clips I have in the Library ?

Get the size of panel's content

(2008-07-08 - views: 13427)
Q:Is it possible to find out the size of the content inside the panel (without the header) ?

Access accordion panel loaded with loadMovie inside container clip

(2008-04-30 - views: 13285)
Q:How can I access the accordion panel component from a .swf file loaded with loadMovie() method inside a container clip ?


(2007-12-11 - views: 13136)
Q:Is there a way to stop the navigation from pushing the bars further than the stage if the loaded swf has animation coming from off the canvas?

Open panels from bottom to top and left to right

(2008-06-16 - views: 12618)
Q:Is it possible to change the orientation of the component to the opposite of the current horizontal and vertical setting ? I would like the panels to open from bottom to top when in vertical mode and from left to right when in horizontal mode.

Open URL from panel content, not from panel header

(2008-09-02 - views: 12242)
Q:Does the component have the possibility of opening urls by clicking on the panel content and not by clicking on the header ? I would like to use the headers only for opening and closing the panels and not for navigation.

Load new content without XML

(2008-04-04 - views: 11947)
Q:Is there a way to load new content into a single panel, without having to refresh the entire accordion panel with a new xml ?

Flv playback inside accordion

(2008-05-19 - views: 11916)
Q:Is it possible to have flv playback, with video controls in the accordion menu while it is embedded inside a swf?

Rotate the direction of the text on horizontal Accordion

(2007-12-11 - views: 11839)
Q:Is there a way to rotate the orientation of the item titles? For example my first title is "one". I need the "o" to be at the top of the page instead of the "e".

Panel opens only after content is loaded, when loadExpandedItemsOnly is true

(2008-03-28 - views: 11752)
Q:I set loadExpandedItemsOnly to true because I only wanted to load the external contents, when the user selects that panel. But before the content is completely loaded the panel closes and opens only when loading is complete. What's happening ?

TEXTU appears in my file

(2007-10-26 - views: 11730)
Q:I am creating a website and when the accordian menu is loading, it says TEXTU.

How can I get rid of this?

Please let me know

HyperLinking panels

(2008-01-24 - views: 11624)
Q:Is there anyway to hyperlink the images in each panel?

Acces accordion panel from content

(2008-03-25 - views: 11378)
Q:Is it possible to access the AccordionPanel component instance from with the clip loaded into one of the panels ?

Panels with different sizes

(2008-11-11 - views: 11317)
Q:Is there any way I can set the height for each panel ? I would like the panels to have different heights.

Graphics below the accordion panel

(2008-04-10 - views: 11293)
Q:Is there a way to place some graphics below the accordion panel component, that would move at the same time when it collapses and expands the items ?

Get selected panel and content

(2008-10-29 - views: 11043)
Q:Is there a way to know which one of the panels was selected, to get its contents ?


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