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ScrollBar Pro V1

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The ScrollBar Pro is a great component to be used when you need scrolling capabilities for large size elements inside small viewing areas. This component can be used for vertical or horizontal scrolling and can be customized as you wish, by changing the component's colors or even using your own clips as the elements composing the scroll bar.

How can i use the hand cursor instead of the pointer?

(2008-04-30 - views: 14586)
Q: I would like to use the hand cursor over the scroll button, instead the mouse pointer.
How can i do this?

A: The scroll bar has separate movie clips for the buttons. You only need to access them and turn on the hand cursor like this:
scrollBarInstance.__scrollButton_mc.useHandCursor = true;
scrollBarInstance.__nextButton_mc.useHandCursor = true;
scrollBarInstance.__prevButton_mc.useHandCursor = true;

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