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Thumbnail Slider Pro V1

(views: 20992)  
Thumbnail Slider is a navigation component that enables you to load a set of images,swf's or symbols from library,fed from an xml file ,through which you can scroll with the help of the arrows,or simply depending on the mouse position. Here are all known issues for Thumbnail Slider Pro V1. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know.

Automatic slide show

(2008-07-28 - views: 83951)
Q:Does the ThumbnailSlider component support automated slide show ?

How to open an url in other target window than _blank, using ThumbnailSlider

(2007-07-11 - views: 13729)
Q:How can I open an URL in a different target window than the default one (_blank) using the Thumbnail Slider component.

Thumbnail Custom Navigation Buttons

(2008-01-29 - views: 9073)
Q:I need to use different buttons control buttons than the default double arrows. Can i set new images using actionscript 2

Text Descriptions

(2008-03-06 - views: 8940)
Q:Is there a way to add text descriptions on rollover, which loads from the xml?

Add custom roll over effect

(2008-01-11 - views: 7583)
Q:Can I apply my own effect when I roll over the thumbnails ?

Url Link

(2008-03-08 - views: 6613)
Q:Is there a way to create a url link from the large image in the loader instead of the thumbnail?

How to jump to a specific frame when a thumbnail is pressed.

(2007-08-13 - views: 6347)
Q:Can I actionscript the thumbnail images to link to a specific spot on the time in my flash movie ?

Multiple Loaders

(2007-11-26 - views: 5952)
Q:Is it possible to trigger more than one Loader Pro component using Thumbnail Slider Pro V1

Select random thumbnail

(2008-01-11 - views: 5817)
Q:Can I make the ThumbnailSlider select a random thumbnail during a slide show and on startup ?

Can the component be populated with data from within Flash?

(2008-01-09 - views: 5576)
Q:Is it possible to use hardcoded data in Flash to populate the data or does it have to be an external XML file?

Multiple Rows

(2008-02-09 - views: 5412)
Q:Is it possible to show two rows of thumbnails? Would we need to use two components and have the buttons be external?

Center thumbnails

(2008-01-30 - views: 5358)
Q:Is there a possibility to center the thumbnails of the slider when the loaded thumbnails do not fill in the entire width of the slider component ?


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