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Flash ToolTip 2007 Pro V1

(views: 11367)

Flash ToolTip 2007 Pro is a professional component that allows you to easily add a descriptive window that appears when the user moves their mouse over Flash buttons or movie clips. The Flash ToolTip 2007 Pro can contain text, symbols, images or swfs and also includes 3 built-in opening and closing effects that and many appearance properties that allows you to create a ToolTip that can adjust as much as possible to your desires. Flash ToolTip 2007 Pro can be fully customized.

Display tooltip between roll over and roll out

(2008-05-14 - views: 12711)
Q: Can the tooltip be displayed on a mouse action, at a specified location and closed on another mouse action ?
A: In this case, you should use the openHint() method and not the hint() method to open the tool tip at a specified position, exactly when you want. To close the hint by code you need to use an undocumented method, called closeHint().