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MCTE V3 (MovieClip Transition Effect V3)

(views: 36275)  
A transition effect component with lots lots of flash animation effects already included and lots of patterns sold separately. Here are all known common issues for MCTE V3, the custom patterns are treated here too. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know. Write to support.

MCTE + Loader Pro V3 slide show

(2007-07-10 - views: 28026)
Q:How to create slide shows using MCTE and Loader Pro V3.

Multiple transitions using ActionScript code

(2008-02-18 - views: 27424)
Q:How can I use MCTE to to show and hide sequential images with transitions using code ?

Apply 3D Cube transition without using actionscript

(2007-08-20 - views: 23743)
Q:How do I instantiate the MCTE V3 component to make a 3D Cube transition, without using ActionScript code ?

MCTE is working, but not properly

(2007-08-01 - views: 23447)
Q:What do I do if MCTE seems to be working, but not the way it should be?

MCTE+Loader Pro+3DCube

(2007-11-11 - views: 23131)
Q:I cannot make work MCTE+Loader Pro+3DCube.
Do you have have an example of this?
In yours examples "_targetInstanceName" and "customParam1" are clip1 and clip2 of the library. How to use these parameters with Loader Pro and external images.

MCTE + LoaderProV3 + Multiple transitions

(2008-05-13 - views: 22789)
Q:How can I change the MCTE + Loader Pro V3 slide show example so that the slide show uses different effects on the images ?

3D Cube effect

(2007-11-06 - views: 16874)
Q:Is there any type of step by step to apply this cube transition. I'm just not understanding how you did it by looking at the other examples.

Apply Flip transition using code

(2007-08-17 - views: 16271)
Q:How do I instantiate the MCTE component to make a Flip transition, using ActionScript code ?

Apply 3D Cube transition using actionscript

(2007-08-20 - views: 13898)
Q:How do I instantiate the MCTE V3 component to make a 3D Cube transition, using ActionScript code ?

Transition between two movie clips using Blur

(2007-12-19 - views: 13380)
Q:How do you create a transition with Blur between two movie clips? I would like to see how you construct with and with out Action Script.

how to instantiate the MCTE component through Actionscript

(2007-07-05 - views: 12750)
Q:I recently purchased the MCTE component. It works great, I just can't figure out how to instantiate the component through Actionscript, i.e. WITHOUT having to drag it on stage (it is of course, already in my Library).

Multiple transitions using frame by frame animation

(2008-02-18 - views: 12744)
Q:How can I use MCTE to to show and hide sequential images with transitions, in a frame by frame animation ?

Apply Flip transition with no code

(2007-08-17 - views: 11862)
Q:How do I use the MCTE component along with the Flip pattern to create a transition from one clip to another without using any code?

Remove MC after it plays

(2007-11-08 - views: 11223)
Q:How do I remove the MC from the stage once it plays. I applied a Swap Transition effect to an intro image but once it finishes, I want it to come off the stage. Right now it stays for the duration of the movie. IS there some code I can type into the Component Inspector?

Apply the MCTE by pressing a button

(2007-07-26 - views: 9495)
Q:How can I apply MCTE on a movieclip when I press a button.

Use SquareLight Transtion using AS to create slideshow

(2007-10-17 - views: 9404)
Q:How do I go about using the SquareLight transition to create a photo slideshow with a 5 second pause between 'flips'? I would like to have the ability to add as many photos as I'd like.


Trial version message

(2007-10-22 - views: 9272)
Q:Hi am using MCTE, never had a trial version just the original, and when I publish my file and get my start page next thing I get is a Jumpeye page saying that I am using a trial version and of the component and do need to purchase the component...How can this be fixed???????


(2007-07-05 - views: 8795)
Q:tweenDuration is measured in seconds or frames?

Setup MCTE from .xml file

(2008-04-01 - views: 8633)
Q:How can I setup the MCTE instance using the .xml file you mentioned about in the help pages ?

Using animated movieClips

(2007-11-19 - views: 8154)
Q:How to play a content loaded with Loader Pro V3 which have the 3dCubePattern applied on it

MCTE V3 using videoclips

(2007-11-14 - views: 8136)
Q:Hello !

First of all let me congratulate You on some very nice components :-)

I am using the MCTE V3 engine with several patterns that i purchased. I have experimented with them some now, and they work well. However i cannot figure out a way to use the transition effects with videoclips, such as flv files.

My guess is that the components use the Bitmap class to do the transitions between clips, and therefor the content is therefor just a "snapshot" of the actual MC.

Is there any way to go around this so that You for instance could do a Swap thransition between 2 flv clips ??

Thank You in advance for Your help.

Best regards

Using MCTE in a class based environment

(2007-11-01 - views: 8012)

I want to use MCTE in a class based environment (I'm compiling with MTASC in Eclipse) but I don't know how to "introduce" MCTE to MTASC with an import statement for example.. MTASC always complains, understandably, about missing MCTE class. How can I accomplish taht?



Set up MCTE with a XML file

(2008-03-07 - views: 7758)
Q:How can I use a XML file to set up my MCTE component instance ?

Shadow to target clip

(2008-01-17 - views: 7629)
Q:Hi there how can i add shadow effect to my text after applying the mcte v3?

Solid Red Window

(2007-10-26 - views: 7386)
Q:I used MCTE to transition between 4 different movie clips. At then end of my movie I want it to loop and start over from the beginning. If I just let it loop or I tell it to start over using AS 2, I get a solid red window until about half way through the animation. It picks up somewhere in the middle and then works fine until it comes to the end and loops again, same red window.

It all works fine the first time around, but every time it loops, red window.

MCTE hides text written with Arial from stage

(2008-04-02 - views: 6933)
Q:When I have the MCTE component in my Library, it hides all the text from the stage, that is embedded and written with Arial font. The Arial italic or bold have no problems. Only text written with plain Arial font is affected. How can this problem be solved ?

problems installing the component on vista 64 bit

(2008-08-08 - views: 6856)
Q:When I click on the mxp file or try to open it from the extension manager, the error: The message: "parameter is incorrect" is displayed. The extension manager then terminates.

I am using Vista 64 bit, and I have tried running it in compatability mode as XP as well and running as Administrator, none of these things have worked.

Any ideas?

MCTE flashes before animation plays

(2008-09-03 - views: 6795)
Q:Every now and then there is the MCTE component or a white flashing just before the transition starts. Is there anyway to solve this problem ?


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