We’re making a short creative movie/(FlashEff 2 story) that will extensively use the new FlashEff 2 and After Effects. We’re trying to find out which are the most important 10 things creative people use.

Our guess includes the following: Macbook Pro, iPhone, Coffe, Guitar, Junk food and, of course, Twitter.For anything that you have in mind, please drop a comment.

63 Responses to “Things you can’t live without”

  1. danyb says:


  2. ben says:

    Starbucks coffe, Kindle, Mackbook pro, free Beer and Coda

  3. roger says:

    Mackbook pro, Condoms, Beer

  4. negush says:

    MacBook Pro, Pepsi, the great outdoors and music

  5. negush says:

    oh… and free Internet πŸ˜€

  6. Ncu says:

    Women anyone?! πŸ˜€

  7. id says:

    Pepsi, Video Games, 8 + hours of sleep.

  8. demiurgu says:

    xbox :P, mouse, Pepsi, YouTube, YMessenger, sneakers…

  9. demiurgu says:

    women ? what’s that ? :))

  10. codruta says:

    chocolate, pen and paper, music, internet connection, movies

  11. Darius says:

    Whoa, this is fun! Let’s see:

    1. Darjeeling Black Tea/Arabica Coffee
    2. Deezer
    3. Google Reader
    4. A working PC or, if that’s not possible, a Mac will do.
    5. Photoshop
    6. Nikon
    7. AdFreak
    8. Cooking
    9. Cat & Girlfriend (!!)
    10. Red wine

  12. danyb says:

    Iphone, internet, bass quitar & music…

  13. Alice says:

    internet, tea, coffe, sweets, music, google (search, reader, alerts, mail, etc)

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  15. greg says:

    It’s posts like this that make me wish for the speedy arrival of the Apocalypse.

    If this is what’s most important in life, kill us all now.

  16. Kevin says:

    A pencil and paper.

  17. Blake says:

    music, humor, food, water, yerba mate, exercise, color, invention, ableton live and the sun.

  18. Sherwin says:

    Internet, twitter, ginger tea, corned beef, my computer and adobe products

  19. MM says:

    2A (Adobe & Apple)

  20. Berfie says:

    Sketchbook, pencils, erasers, nice seat, camera, clothes, a shelter during wet weather, food with coke/pepsi/juice/water (lots of it to replenish those burnt brain juices).

  21. hmm. my panton solid chips, spyder, adobe, lots of coffee and a lot of expencive supernice fonts. yes. fonts are one of the most important things for me.


    and your components of course

  22. Michael says:

    A Blender, Cable TV and Kaleidoscope

  23. Craig Paterson says:

    Let me think… my iMac Core 2 Duo, iTunes, broadband internet, plenty external HD space for backups (can never have too many backups), Adobe CS4, strong coffee, running with iPod touch and Nike +, my wife, beer/wine, chocolate and Jumpeye Components of course.

  24. jcmoreno says:

    iPhone, internet, chocolate, macbook pro, ps3…

  25. chiara says:

    the phone
    my motorcycle

  26. angeloff says:

    Coffee , more coffee … no sleep , free internet vodka & khaula…. real notebook and pan πŸ™‚

  27. vickydbz says:

    My Sonny Ericsson w595,
    AMD 64 X2,
    Sensheisser Headphone,
    Dreamweaver CS3,
    Pump It Up Arcades songs,

  28. Ralev says:

    Laptop, google, watching movies, wacom tablet, digital camera.. and drinking beer with friends πŸ™‚

  29. shimaa gamal says:

    2-decent hours of sleeping
    3-hot drink (yansoun or kerfa)
    4-Adobe all around me (installed on my hard)
    5-www.sxc.hu (for the assets)
    6-my brushes & fonts if working wiz photoshop
    7-paper & pencil if something came up
    8-after finishing i need people to take their opinion probably my sister..
    ..creativity never sleeps

  30. coffee

  31. Michele Dall'Ora says:

    Mac Book Pro

  32. Michele Dall'Ora says:


  33. ela says:

    From the material point of view : books, pencil and paper,music and my toothbrush
    From spiritual point of view: faith in God, optimism and the capacity of being happy from small thinks

  34. ODWGOOG says:

    Without Google, the creative process is much harder. I prefer in this way, the tools are not important, either the OS-s. All is matter is how much I’ll like my works in the next morning or after 10 years. That is the process…

  35. catseye says:

    My classic BMW project car and my tenor sax

  36. iphone/ipod/portable music player, good headphones, a good soundtrack!

  37. bicho says:

    internet, google, youtube, diet coke , coffe, camel, music, my brushes and fonts, Adobe, pen, food, speed,

  38. moimoi says:

    i cant live without my:
    1. brain – my tool to think
    2. heart – passion for everything i love doing
    3. spirit – gives me hope to pursue my dream
    4. music – gives me life at home and at work
    5. my guitar – if i have nothing else to do i’ll sing to you
    6. my pen/wacom – a tool to express myself
    7. my sketch pad – a peace of paper to draw and write lyrics
    8. my mirror – to watch the devil and angel arguing on my shoulders clearly.
    9. my favorite shirt – that says “i eat when im hungry”
    10. And my family and friends – those who believe in me!


  39. Alphamax says:

    1. My Phone
    2. Computer
    3. Caffeine
    4. Xbox 360
    5. Nephew’s & Nieces
    6. Google
    7. Adobe
    8. Internet
    9. RSS Feeds
    10. Wife

  40. liquid shadow says:

    phone, keys, internet, sun

  41. Games, Movies, Music, Pen & Paper, Internet, Chocolate & Coke, Different Gadgets (Ipods, PS2, PDAs, BlackBerry, Iphone Laptop etc…) And Outing…

  42. leon says:


  43. Philip says:

    good sleep,
    junk food,
    Macbook PRO,
    Adobe Master Collection CS4,
    good music,
    and of course jumpeye components – for speed.

  44. Boutolliz says:


  45. Max says:

    SNEAKERS, facebook, mtv, google, firefox, ps, fresh fruits, wiki.

  46. walhallyus says:

    job πŸ™

  47. Demiurgu says:


  48. Demiurgu says:

    and a plumber

  49. purab says:

    cell phones.

  50. danyb says:

    google reader

  51. colin says:

    actually you could live without most of the things(>95%) posted above

  52. lulu says:

    my bike :))

  53. john says:


  54. danyb says:

    firefox and google

  55. danyb says:

    youtube πŸ˜›

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