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Flash Lite 3.0 Components?

Friday, September 14th, 2007

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and information about how the Flash Lite 3.0 will look like, when will be launched and what language base will be finally used. It is very important to know all these in order to create high quality flash lite components to be used along with high quality applications that would run on either Symbian, Linux, WindowsMobile or some stand alone OSes.

From our inside information, we believe that Flash Lite 3.0 will be a processor limited VM2 based, AS3.0 driven and will include those streaming capabilities that everyone claims for. Because there is an increasing number of devices (both mobile devices and less processing devices like digital interfaces for households), we started to think of cool animation lite components such as the award winning MCTE V3 flash component, and of course about some UI animated components.

Unlike Flash 8 and Flash CS3 Components, the basic Flash Lite 3.0 Components requirements are very important and those developing lite 3 components should be aware of these when designing and developing them.
Here are some good points in developing successful Flash Lite 3.0 Components:
1. Keep the processor safe, non-intensive use of the processor is required, for some devices, the same app/component should measure device capabilities and reduce the calculations till the processor and display device is safe.
2. Keep a small size(less than 200 kb per app) in order to have the app running on more devices.
3. Communication over the internet will be at some points restricted, keep in mind this aspect and design connection-loss error handled components, also monitor connection, pause and restart connection when possible without blocking the device.
4. The components will need to be especially crafted for touch screen devices, joystick and reduced-size keyboard interactivity. No mouse events will be triggered on most devices, onpress and onrelease events should be used to display of rollover and rollout effects, etc.

We hope that in less time after Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 official launch, we will also launch out V3 Lite components. Meanwhile we are getting close to the point of releasing the V3 AS3.0 Flash Components for Flash CS3.