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FlashEff 2 Beta (invite only phase)

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

We’ve just launched FlashEff 2 Beta. This is an invite only phase, meaning that, in order to get access you need to either comment on one of the blogs that are building official invite only lists, or you can buy FlashEff 1 Premium, since all previous FlashEff customers will get access to FlashEff 2 Beta.

Also FlashEff 1 Premium Unlimited users will get a free upgrade to FlashEff 2 Premium.

Important! We’re not discontinuing FlashEff 1. The major differences between FlashEff 2 and FlashEff 1 are in user experience. We encourage anyone to get FlashEff 1 now and still get the free upgrade to FlashEff 2 Premium. (plus Beta access to Premium Plus version for about a month)

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