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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

24 beautiful photo slideshow templates

As you probably know, a couple of weeks ago JumpeyeComponents launched SlideshowBox, a collection of 24 stylish photo slideshow templates. We wanted to make these templates appealing to both Flash and non-Flash developers, so they could be used on any platform.

SlideshowBox screen shot

HTML and Flash support

SlideshowBox is packed as:

  • a Flash component which can be installed in Adobe Flash CS3/CS4/CS5. The Flash version of SlideshowBox works with standard XML files containing each image’s title, URL and description. For more information on the Flash component, click here.
  • a HTML version that uses SWF embed code generated by our SlideshowBox online panel to customize the slideshows. This version is for non-Flash developers who want to use Flash slideshows on their projects. Also, 5 out of 24 templates feature a full JavaScript alternative – in this case the Flash Player is not required.


The embed code of the slideshows that have a JavaScript alternative can feature an “Auto-detect” code which displays the full JavaScript slideshow if Flash Player is not installed. This option is perfect for those who want to have their slideshows compatible with iPads and iPhones. One could view the Flash version on their Mac or PC because sometimes the animations are better in Flash, but when the same page is viewed on iPad or iPhone, the JS version is loaded.

The “Auto-detect” option will eliminate all the error messages or missing plug-in messages and I think this is something interesting for developers who want to target the Apple users.

Camtasia Studio 5

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007


First impressions
I’ve been working with Camtasia Studio 5 on our video tutorials, and I can say that I’m impressed. Camtasia it’s a program that enables you to capture video from your computer ad voice or even make a powerpoint recording.

It has a lot of great features: effects that enable you to add different video or audio effects like highlight cursor, highlight click and mouse sounds or typing sounds.

Publish with Camtasia Studio
Another cool part of Camtasia is the Camtasia Studio.
Here is where the magic happens, edit by adding callouts, title clips, captions and to smooth the video you can add transitions with different effects.


Using callouts
You have a multitude of callouts to select from and if you want to try something new create your personal callout to bring a personal touch to your project.

Transitions are used to make your video smoother, by using different effects while your video is running. You have a variaty of transitions to choose from as well.

The good
It has a very user friendly interface that makes it possible for first time users to complete the desired task in a fast and easy manner. Sometimes you would like to zoom in and zoom out as you click, now you can with the Autozoom option which will auto focus the center of the camera point on the clicked object.

I enjoy working with Camtasia and it’s abilities really help you when you’re making tutorials or other videos, it’s a great program that will make your life a lot easier when it comes to video recording and editing.

To try Camtsia, go to