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JC Panorama Methods

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Method Description
deletePanorama():void Deletes the currently loaded panorama (all the XML data and content) without using any transition to hide the visible content.
getPosition():Object Returns the current position of the panorama.

- an object containing the current pan and tilt values - the horizontal and vertical position in degrees
loadContent(source:String):void Loads the specified content into the panorama.

- source:String - the path and file name of the target content
reload():void Reloads all the images of the panorama. The current position of the component should not change.
render():void Forces the component to redraw. The component should keep its position and none of the properties should change.
setPosition(pan:Number, tilt:Number):void Sets a new position for the panorama.

- pan:Number - the new pan value (the horizontal angle) from 0 to 359
- tilt:Number - the new tilt value (the vertical angle) from 0 to 359
setSize(width:Number, height:Number):void Sets a new size for the component.

- width:Number - the new width of the component instance
- height:Number - the new height of the component instance
unload():void Unloads the current panorama and applies the currently selected transition (transitionType) before visually removing it.

Overview | Properties | Methods | Events | Hotspots | Editor

The pack includes the .mxp install file, the AIR virtual tour creator and panorama editing software and the documentation files.
Planar, cylindrical, spherical and cubic panorama types
Virtual tours
User-friendly editor interface
The free version contains limitations and displays a watermark. This version can be used for trial purposes.
Planar and cylindrical panorama types only