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Create a simple Text Transition Effect

1. Make sure that you have correctly installed the TXEFF component. Next, open your Flash CS3 application, create a new ActionScript 3.0 Flash file (File -> New -> Flash File (ActionScript 3.0)) and save it as "SimpleApplication.fla". Now, you need to set up the stage: set the frame rate to 30 fps and set the background to black.

2. From the Tools Palette, select the TextField object (or press the "T" key), place an instance of the text field on the Stage and give it the "myTextField" instance name. If the text field type is not dynamic, please set it to "Dynamic Text". Insert some text into the text field and, from the Properties Panel, set the font you like (font name, size, color and format). We used the Arial font, with a size of 14 px. Next, you need to embed the font into the text field (Properties Panel -> Embed). Select Auto Fill and press Ok.

3. Some fonts will not work properly with the TXEFF component, unless they are embedded into the Library (see the exceptions chapter from the component's documentation). If you do not know how to embed the fonts into the Library, see the Embed fonts tutorial or consult the help document for Flash CS3: Using Flash \ Working with text \ Creating text \ Embed and share fonts.

4. From the Components panel, select the TXEFF component (TxEff Jumpeye folder) drag and drop it over the text field you have just placed on the Stage and give it an instance name of "myTextEffect".

5. The component will automatically position itself at the top-left corner of the text field. By now, your stage should look like this:

6. Next, select the TXEFF instance and activate the Component Inspector, if it has not been already activated (Shift+F7 Windows;). You will see that the component has a very user friendly property inspector. There, the necessary properties are already set to their defaults, so if you test your movie now (Ctrl+Enter - Microsoft Windows; Command+Enter - Mac OS), it should already run without problems. To change the way the effect is applied, set the preset to 9 and the tween duration to 3:

7. If you test your movie clip now, you should be able to see how the letters of the text fade in randomly.

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