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Color Picker Pro V3

(views: 14612)

Color Picker Pro V3 is a highly customizable color picker flash component. Featuring additional themes and possibility to purchase customized themes. Here are all known issues for Color Picker Pro V3. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know.

Using the Color Picker v3 component with AS2 OOP

(2007-11-06 - views: 12077)
Q: How can I use the event listener for your component in an actionscript class (oop)?

The information provided with the example is script to be written directly into the .fla, whereas we intend to place it in a class that extends a MovieClip, but no event work.

CAn you provide us help in that regards? Once we know how that works, we will purchase the item.

A: You must be sure that the component is initialized when you are adding the listeners on it. We suggest to attach it (use the attachMovie() method) right where you're adding the listeners.