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Color Picker Pro V3

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Color Picker Pro V3 is a highly customizable color picker flash component. Featuring additional themes and possibility to purchase customized themes. Here are all known issues for Color Picker Pro V3. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know.

Set easy and pro window position

(2008-01-30 - views: 10818)
Q: Is there a way to set the starting position of the floating pro? Right now I have automode off and want to create a new floating pro on demand but it always places it in the top left corner.
A: By default, the pro mode window is positioned directly on the root, in the center. Unfortunately, the size of the Stage is not returned correctly if the Stage is empty. We recommend having some sort of background on the Stage, with the same size as the Stage. But if you need to open the pro mode window at a specified position, you need to use the method.

The attached example uses code to position the easy and pro mode windows at a specified position and implements the open and close functionality of the color picker, since the autoMode property is set to "false". The .zip contains examples for both, the AS2 and AS3 versions of the color picker.