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JC Play List XML Description

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The JC Play List component can create the list based on a simple XML that has the following structure:
  • the main XML node is called <data> and contains the list of nodes corresponding to the list of items
  • the <item> nodes are the XML nodes on which the items from the list are built. Each <item> node contains several child nodes that will represent the properties of a specific node: <content>, <title>,<description>, <thumbnail> and <info>. At least one of these nodes should be specified.
  • <content> - this node holds the path and file name of the content that will be loaded in the target viewer object. This content could be an image (.jpg, .png, .gif), a Flash clip (.swf) or an audio/video content (.mp3, .flv, .mov) that can be played by the Flash player. This content will get loaded into the target viewer - a simple loadercomponent or an audio/video player component.
  • <title> - this the title of the item. The title is displayed in a text field inside the item, if the skin allows it.
  • <description> - this represents extra information on the item and it is also displayed in the corresponding text field if the skin allows it.
  • <thumbnail> - the path and filename of a thumbnail image that will be displayed in the items, if the skin allows it.
  • <info> - this is also some extra information on the content, for example the time duration for the audio or video content.

    • We recommend that the <content> node is always specified so there won't be problems with the target viewer objects that would have to load the associated content.

      Example XML data:

            <title>Picture 01</title>
            <description>This is a description text for picture nr 01</description>
            <title>Picture 02</title>
            <description>This is a description text for picture nr 02</description>
            <title>Picture 03</title>
            <description>This is a description text for picture nr 03</description>

      Overview | Properties | Methods | Events | XML

      The pack contains the .mxp install file, the documentation file and the sample files.
      Fully free component
      Easy visual representation of multimedia lists
      Compatibility with other components
      Fully customizable skin