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JC Play List


JC Play List

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Important note: If you want to create video playlists, audio playlists or YouTube video playlists, we recommend to use JC Player 2.0, our new Flash and HTML5 player with playlist.


The full version of this product can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the above button.


About JC Play List

JC Play List is an easy to use ActionScript 3.0 list component created especially for easy visual representation of multimedia lists (.xml and RSS 2.0 feeds from Picasa and Flickr).

You can use JC Play List to display any kind of lists including items that contain images, titles, descriptions, index numbers, additional information, custom backgrounds and overlays. JC Play List displays these items both on horizontal and vertical position, with or without controls such as scrollbars, slide buttons, mouse movement input and autoplay features.

JC Play List can be used directly without coding with different components such as JC Player or Loader Pro V3. Also, using script you can use it in conjunction with any other UI components and APIs.


JC Play List is a fla-based component and includes all the assets it needs, including the UIScrollBar component. For this reason it is an easy to customize component. All you have to do is access the skin assets that are added to the Library when you place the component on the stage or by simply doubleclicking on the JC Play List instance to access the skin embedded into it.

Some of the assets composing the default skin have ActionScript 3.0 code attached to them that executes when the component is resizing and autoResizeItem is set to true, so the item would have to resize too. You can change that code if you would like the list items to resize in a different way than the default one.

Instead of directly changing the default skin, you can choose to apply a totally different skin on the component, by dragging the selected skin from the Components panel into the Library and specifying the name of that skin to the skin property of the list component. If you need a customized JC Player skin for your project or even extra features for the component itself, please do not hesitate to contact the sales team: sales[at]jumpeyecomponents[dot]com.


ActionScript: 3.0
Flash IDE: Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Flash CS4
FlashPlayer: FlashPlayer 9 +

The pack contains the .mxp install file, the documentation file and the sample files.
Fully free component
Easy visual representation of multimedia lists
Compatibility with other components
Fully customizable skin