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Blur Text Effect

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Blur Text Effect has been discontinued! Browse our components to find similar products.

About Blur Text Effect

Blur Text Effect v1 is a flash 8 text effect that uses blur motion tweening to produce movie-like text effects in seconds. No actionscript knowledge is required, all customization can be done from the Component Inspector. Drag the component on scene, set the text, and text params(if needed) and roll.


To use the component, simply drag and drop it from the Text Effect folder under Components, than set the text and roll. Bellow are the parameters you can set separately in the Component Inspector panel.


text:String = the string that will be displayed inside the component box, on a single line;(default none)
color:Number = the color of the text;(default = #FFFFFF)
font:String = the embedded font that will be used for this effect; (this font needs to be embedded) (default = Arial)
size:Number = the textsize, size of the text;(default = 14)
duration:Number = the duration (in seconds) of about how much should take the text tweening effect;(default = 3)
fadeout:Number = the time (in seconds) that will pass till the fadeout effect will happen; -1 for no fadeout (default)
letterSpacing:Number = the space (in pixels) between letters;(default = 0)
bold:Boolean = true if the text is used as bold type;(default = false)
split:Array = an array of elements that will break the string apart, these elements will then appear first, unless space element is used (default);


instead of event handling a method is triggered on the component when the tweening effect is finished


fades out the text displayed inside the component


IDE Version: Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS3
Action Script Version: AS2.0
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 8, Flash Player 9 +