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MCTE V3 FallDown

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Important note: This pattern is only available for purchase within the V3 Components pack which includes MCTE, Accordion Panel, Accordion Tree Menu, Drop Down Tree Menu, Color Picker Pro, Loader Pro and XML Slide Show (All V3, both AS2 and AS3).
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The FallDown MCTE Pattern enables users to create flash transitions with a falling down effect. The FallDown pattern can be used on both static images/movieclips and dynamic content to create show/hide transitions. It can also be used as a transition effect for Loader Pro V3.

Important! In order to use this MCTE V3 pattern, you need to have the MCTE V3 component too, since it is the component that handles the transitions. You need at least the 3.1.0 version of MCTE V3, you can purchase MCTE V3 here. If the MCTE that you already have is not running with this pattern you need to redownload it from - my account - my downloads area. Also you may want to order the Loader Pro V3 too, along with the MCTE and this pattern.


ActionScript: 2.0, 3.0
Flash IDE: Flash 8, Flash CS3
FlashPlayer: FlashPlayer 8, FlashPlayer 9

Working with Custom Patterns

The MCTE internal API allows us to further develop and sell patterns separately, all you have to do in order to use them as patterns for the MCTE instances, is to drag them inside your project library and use their name as values for the customPattern parameter of the MCTE.

As stated before, we sell patterns that are not initially included inside the MCTE. You can purchase those patterns without the MCTE, but they will be useless without it.

We also do develop patterns for direct customers, who want a special custom developed pattern for a specific transition. In order to get a custom developed pattern just send us an email.

FallDown Pattern Description

MCTE Transition Types

Supports show/hide (A) transitions. Working with Loader Pro V3, supports MCTE and MCTEfade loader transitionTypes.

The gain parameter sets the time delay before the falling down of the next square. This interval is represented in milliseconds.
The tweenDuration parameter is used to set the duration of a fall down; it represents a number of frames.

  • customParam1:String (numerical value) - the width of square. A non integer value will look somehow dirty; this is why we choose to use Math.round for default size approximation.
  • customParam2:String (numerical value) - the height of square. A non integer value, as above, will look somehow dirty, so we choose to use Math.round for default size approximation.
  • customParam3:String (numerical value) - the orientation of the transition, where the initial, non-visible state starts and ends. This parameter can be set for transition hide. In case if transition is set to show this parameter’s implicit value is “down” and it accepts only this value. Values: “up”, “down”; Default: “down”.

Quick Tip
Use the Loader Pro V3 and create impressive slide shows with the fall down effect. Create bricks-like effect using a higher value for the width of the square.

Number values:
       1 : left to right
       2 : right to left
       3 : top to bottom
       4 : bottom to top
       5 : middle to left and right
       6 : left and right to middle
       7 : top and bottom to middle
       8 : middle to top and bottom
       9 : top&left to bottom&right
     10 : bottom&right to top&left
     11 : bottom&left to top&right
     12 : top&right to bottom&left
     13 : left&top&right&bottom to middle
     14 : middle to left&top&right&bottom
     15 : spiral to middle - counterClockwise
     16 : middle to spiral - clockwise
     17 : spiral to middle - clockwise
     18 : middle to spiral - counterClockwise
     19 : random
     20 : one-one