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The data is securely sent

Is my personal data safe?


Your personal data such as your password and your credit card number needs to get to our server without being exposed to possible hacking systems that could interfere in the network used by your connection.
This is what SSL encryption is all about, and NOT about protecting data from your own computer, NOT about protecting data from our own server, NOT about protecting data from yourself and definitely NOT about protecting data from the payment service which needs the data unaltered.

This is why we use 128-SSL secure encryption when sending the personal information to our server, where it is being used by the payment processor API and the login API.
Because there is no need to use ssl encryption when pages are loaded from our server, encryption is NOT used to load the pages itself since we do not deliver password and credit card numbers on http back to the client machine. The technique used by us is widely used on the Internet and it is the state of the art technique of sending and securing personal data.
We want to assure you that we are highly interested that your data gets to us under secured encrypted connections, and only us (our servers) can use the data in order to feed the payment processor API and to log you into our system.

What happens with my personal data on your server?

There are two types of personal data that is securely sent between client machine and our server: 1. the passwords and 2. the credit card data (number, expiration, ccv, etc)

1. The passwords are securely sent trough SSL post, once it gets to our server it is irreversibly encrypted (MD5) and compared to the encrypted version of the password stored on our data servers. Your password is stored only in MD5 format, an irreversible encryption, so even in a powerful hacking attack the stored passwords could not be restored.

2. Even if there are other online stores that keep the credit card data in their databases for further needs, WE DO NOT store the user's credit card data, we use it only to fill the payment request and send that request through secure connections to paypal payment processor.

We strongly advise you to use our payment method without any possible fear since we have thought of everything that could go wrong and secured your personal information in the best way possible. This secured payment processing method is widely used and it is known as the best approach in securing user data over the Internet.