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How to swich from the free trial to the full version

1. If you’ve tried out any of our free trial components, you’ve noticed that they only work in Flash IDE environment (actually it runs as the full version in any debugger mode Flash Player, including the debugger activeX that runs in the browser, installed by Flash CS3 and Flex Builder). Played as stand alone file, the swf file would generate an error message like in the image bellow. If you’ve implemented it in html, the swf would lead you to

2. After you have purchased the full version of the component, you have to place it inside your flash project library by replacing the trial version. For this example I’ve chosen the Movie Clip Transition Effect component. I have already installed the trial version and have been using it on a Flash project (fla file). Double click the mxp file from your downloaded package. Macromedia Extension Manager will detect the trial version of the component which is already installed and ask you if you want to replace the file. Click Yes and than Ok.

3. Now, the component is installed on your system. The next step is to replace the component inside your Flash project. Open your fla file (I opened an example file). Click the contextual menu from the Components panel and select Reload.

4. After that, drag the newly loaded component from the Components panel to your Flash Library.

5. The following warning will appear asking you to replace the old component on your fla. Select “Replace existing items” and then click Ok.

6. Now all you have to do is to compile your movie again (Ctrl+Enter). Your new swf will now run as a stand alone file in Windows or embedded inside of a HTML page, all trial limitations has been removed.