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XML Slide Show V3

(views: 31594)

A sliding-fashion XML Slide Show flash component, both vertical and horizontal sliding transitions between slides. Supports auto slide and fast forward; it uses Loader Pro V3 to load slides. Here are all known issues for XML Slide Show V3. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know.

No Continuous Scroll

(2008-01-29 - views: 8968)
Q: How can I make this to have one clear start/end point without having a loop?
A: You can stop the slide show once it reaches the last item. The current item in the slide show is given in the change event and you can compare it to the last item. If the current and the last item match, then the slide show has reached the last element and you can stop it using the stopSlideShow() method. The reference to the last item in the list can be found once the onLoad event is triggered. The next example shows you how to do it.