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Thumbnail Slider Pro V1

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Thumbnail Slider is a navigation component that enables you to load a set of images,swf's or symbols from library,fed from an xml file ,through which you can scroll with the help of the arrows,or simply depending on the mouse position. Here are all known issues for Thumbnail Slider Pro V1. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know.

Url Link

(2008-03-08 - views: 6614)
Q: Is there a way to create a url link from the large image in the loader instead of the thumbnail?
A: You can use the onReleaseThumb event to know when a thumbnail has been pressed and check for the "large" attribute of the target thumbnail to get the url of the large image.

var listEvents:Object = new Object();

listEvents.onReleaseThumb = function(obj:Object, arg:MovieClip, index:Number):Void {
    trace("The large image path is: "+obj.large);


If you also used our LoaderProV3 component along with the ThumbnailSlider and display the large image into it, you could get the url to the large image from the loader by checking the contentPath parameter:

trace("The large image path is: "+myLoader.contentPath);