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Thumbnail Slider Pro V1

(views: 21039)

Thumbnail Slider is a navigation component that enables you to load a set of images,swf's or symbols from library,fed from an xml file ,through which you can scroll with the help of the arrows,or simply depending on the mouse position. Here are all known issues for Thumbnail Slider Pro V1. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know.

Center thumbnails

(2008-01-30 - views: 5393)
Q: Is there a possibility to center the thumbnails of the slider when the loaded thumbnails do not fill in the entire width of the slider component ?
A: This solution is based on the workaround given by Trey Coursey, one of our clients. The solution is to compare the number of items loaded into the slider with the maximum number of thumbnails that can fit into the slider without being covered (you can find this number by simply looking at how many thumbnails are completely visible into the slider with the slider having the current width). If all the thumbnails are entirely visible in the slider, then you need to calculate the total width they occupy and then center the slider according to that. The attached example contains the code that does just that.