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MCTE V3 (MovieClip Transition Effect V3)

(views: 36275)

A transition effect component with lots lots of flash animation effects already included and lots of patterns sold separately. Here are all known common issues for MCTE V3, the custom patterns are treated here too. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know. Write to support.

Remove MC after it plays

(2007-11-08 - views: 11223)
Q: How do I remove the MC from the stage once it plays. I applied a Swap Transition effect to an intro image but once it finishes, I want it to come off the stage. Right now it stays for the duration of the movie. IS there some code I can type into the Component Inspector?
A: Here is an example of what you need. When the transition is finished, the effect is removed and the movieclip unloaded. Below is the actionscript and attached is an example.
var lis = new Object();
lis.onTransitionEnd = function (evt:Object){