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MCTE V3 (MovieClip Transition Effect V3)

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A transition effect component with lots lots of flash animation effects already included and lots of patterns sold separately. Here are all known common issues for MCTE V3, the custom patterns are treated here too. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know. Write to support.

MCTE V3 using videoclips

(2007-11-14 - views: 8136)
Q: Hello !

First of all let me congratulate You on some very nice components :-)

I am using the MCTE V3 engine with several patterns that i purchased. I have experimented with them some now, and they work well. However i cannot figure out a way to use the transition effects with videoclips, such as flv files.

My guess is that the components use the Bitmap class to do the transitions between clips, and therefor the content is therefor just a "snapshot" of the actual MC.

Is there any way to go around this so that You for instance could do a Swap thransition between 2 flv clips ??

Thank You in advance for Your help.

Best regards

A: Anders, you're right in your supposition. These patterns use the Bitmap class to do the transitions between clips and the content (as you assumed) it's just a "snapshot" of the actual MC. The bad news is that the Swap pattern can't be used on animated contents (animated movieclips, video files embedded into a movieclip, interactive mc's). The good news is that all other patterns we have can be used to display animated content because the "effect" is removed and the content became interactive when transition ends.