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Flv Video Player Pro V1

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Especially designed to play your flv files in streaming, Flash FLV Video Player Pro V1 can be easy included in your projects. With three included flash implementations, our flv player will give elegance and taste to your video flash projects. Flash FLV Video Player Pro component is a lightweight streaming video player, with an optional scrolling playlist and playback controls that you can access and edit right from your flash IDE. It has the ability to scale or resize the movies.

Audio plays but video not

(2008-02-08 - views: 6859)
Q: What can I do if the player does not display the video but it still plays the sound from the .flv file ?
A: This usually happens when the .flv files are not encoded properly so the events of the Video object are not dispatched correctly. In this case, the solution would be to set the video holder clip to be visible when the clip starts playing (because it is invisible when it's initialized):

var myListenerObj:Object = new Object();

myListenerObj.onStartPlay = function(evt:Object):Void {
    myVideoPlayer.videoHolder._visible = true;

myVideoPlayer.addEventListener("onStartPlay", myListenerObj);

NOTE: This solution may not always work for reasons not related to the video player component.

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