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Drop Down (Tree) Menu V3

(views: 29875)

Drop Down Menu V3 and Drop Down Tree Menu V3 are xml flash accordion menus featuring customized states, customized transitions and tweens. Here are all known issues for Drop Down Menu V3 and Drop Down Tree Menu V3, they should be similar, since basically it is the same component. If you have any questions that you think we should discuss here please let us know.

Adding a separating gap between menu items

(2008-01-29 - views: 15656)
Q: I am trying to do a menu in which main buttons separates X Pixel, but can´t do it with DDMT.
Can help me? please!

A: Each menu item has a horizontal and vertical separator clip. For the default skin these clips are empty, so the items are not separated. If you need to separate the menu items, you can draw a shape in the separator clips and give it size you need.

For example if you need to have a the menu items vertically separated with a gap of 3 pixels, you can draw a rectangle in the vertical separator clip which has the height of 3 pixels. If you need to separate the menu items horizontally with a gap of 3 pixels, draw a shape in the horizontal separator clip and give it a width of 3 pixels.

For the AS2 version of the menu you can find these clips among the skin's assets. You just need to load the .fla file that contains the skin you are using and modify the horizontal and/or vertical separator clips. The .fla files containing the assets for the component's different skins are found in the Assets folder, in the .zip file you received when you purchased the component.

The AS3 version of the component already has the assets embedded into it so you can double click on the component instance on stage and you will gain access to the default skin's assets.