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Use clickTag with AS2 clip

(2008-09-18 - views: 24702)
Q: How should the clickTag be applied on a ActionScript 2.0 clip ?
A: You need to specify the URL of the page to the Flash clip embedded into the HTML, through FlashVars. The name of the parameter is usually clickTag. The FlashVars parameters are placed directly on the root of your Flash clip.

In your Flash clip, all you have to do is create a button that will open the desired page when clicked and assign the actions that will open the page. The button can be a simple transparent clip that covers the entire surface of your Flash movie. If the button instance name is "buttonClip" and the FlashVars parameter name is "clickTag", then the code to apply the clickTag functionality is this one:

buttonClip.onRelease = function(Void):Void {
    getURL(clickTag, "_blank");

if the button is not located on the root object, then just replace clickTag with _root.clickTag, so you'll be sure that Flash looks for the clickTag variable on the root.
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