Innovating the Flash world again – TxEff

The name says it all. It’s a text effect component for Flash that will change the way you look at text. It’s specially designed for Flash users and designers that want a quick and easy way of animating a text without any coding. The free basic component contains 3 patterns. The number of patterns doesn’t limit you because in each pattern you can try numerous params. As you will find out for yourself this will just open your appetite for more ways of animating.


TxEff website – a new approach

You don’t have to explore every possible combination of params, we want to help you enrich your number of effects, all you have to do is access the TxEff website This is not only a website it’s practically an effect DataBase, on which every time a TxEff user discovers a new effect, he can share it with the rest of the TxEff comunity.

If you go online and see something you like just copy the effect Id and paste it in your Component Inspector and you will have the desired effects without having to think of them yourself.

Enter our TxEff community and get all the benefits that come with it.The component itself is very user friendly. All you have to do is to write the text, access the TxEff component and tweak the params to get the desired effect, drag and drop the effect on text and you have a fully animated text.

TxEff is the result of months of development and the feedback we got from our clients. We spent time thinking what our clients would want and offer them that special something. Everyone on the team came up with innovating ideas on how a text effect component should look and act. The result is a very user friendly, time saving component that doesn’t require any coding.


TxEff’s special offer, ends on December 31 2007

Get the full licensed TxEff which contains a minimum of 50 patterns by March 2008. We’re continuously developing new and complex patterns to suit your artistic need and all this for only $99.97(promotional offer).

There’s more, if buy it in December you will get MCTE for free, or if you have already purchased it, you can get it’s value in discount coupons.


5 Responses to “The text animation component”

  1. Isaac says:

    you state above that it is 99.97 but on your site it costs 169. Where do you go to get the lower price?

  2. Alin Dogar says:

    The offer was available until 31 December 2007. Now this is the regular price….169.97$.

  3. Jim says:

    I can’t get to the part where I copy the ID#. I have all the current patterns in Components but the button does not show up on my stage for me to select it to “Copy effect id#”. have my text set up correctly and it’s embeded. In the on line tutorial How to Use/working with patterns. How do you get to the area that says “Copy effect id#”?

  4. Aura says:

    Hi there.. I\’m writing since I\’ve a problem.
    I\’ve the Italian Version of Flash CS4… and after the installation of the components I see no FlashEff Components inside Components Window…. then, If open FlashEff Panel it says.. \”please select a component from the stage\” … I do it, but nothing happens and the message never changes.
    I think that the major problem is t hat I can\’t see FlashEff Components into the list. What to do? Thanks.

  5. Is this Flash component still available for purchase?

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