Last week we finally launched the ActionScript 3 versions of our V3 components. So now, when you buy aV3 component, you get the AS2 and AS3 versions (AT THE SAME PRICE 🙂 ). The differences between the two versions of the same component are not so great. They consist mostly in the way the events and event listeners are used (the AS3 versions use the new method with an event class for each component and constants declared for each event). You can find more details about the new way of handling events in the documentation corresponding to each component. However, a few of the components, will also have new properties and methods (this is the case for the AS3 version of the Loader Pro V3 component, which has a new feature: reflection).

For each component, the documentation lists properties and methods used by both the AS2 and AS3 versions and, separately, new properties, methods and events used only by the AS3 version. We’re also working on the AS3 version of our tutorials, so, soon enough, we’ll have them available on the site. Further more, each component has on its page (“How to use” section) issues from our Knowledge Base regarding that particular component. For now, only the AS2 issues are available, but as soon as we translate those issues to AS3, we’ll make them available, too.

Regarding the trial versions of our AS3 components, we will release them only when the encryption software used by us will be available for ActionScript 3. So, now, if you plan to try out our components, you only have AS2 trial versions available (which won’t work in an ActionScript 3 project).

We are really glad that you (our clients) like our components and we hope that the new AS3 versions won’t let you down.

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