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JC Master Collection

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The Master Collection special package has been discontinued.

Get the Master Collection now!

These components worth over $1000!

We had many requests for a bundle that includes all our latest products, so here it is.
Special created for media agencies and designers who need a wide range of quality flash components for their projects, Master Collection includes all our V3 components (AS2 and AS3 version), the latest JC releases (AS3), FlashEff 2.0 Premium Plus and also SlideshowBox Premium Plus.

Master Collection includes a single license of each of the following components. Each of them can be legally installed on one single PC/Mac.

Our flash photo gallery component/collection
1. SlideshowBox Premium Plus - List price:$ 149

The best flash effects and animation engine that we've made so far
2. FlashEff 2.0 Premium Plus - List price:$ 199

The latest "JC" components
3. JC Thumb Viewer - List price:$ 99
4. JC Loader - List price:$ 79
5. JC Panorama - List price:$ 99
6. JC Flash Map - List price:$ 89
7. JC Player - List price:$ 89
8. JC Play List
9. JC Text Editor - List price:$ 89
10. JC Video Loops Pack - List price:$ 89.97

All V3 components and assets - List price:$ 99
11. MCTE V3
12. MCTE Pattern Collection
13. Accordion Panel V3
14. Loader Pro V3
15. Color Picker Pro V3
16. XML Slide Show V3
17. Accordion Tree Menu V3
18. Drop Down Tree Menu V3
19. 35 V3 Menu skins
20. 3 x Flash CS3/CS4 UI skins

Note. All V3 components are available in both AS2.0 and AS3.0 Regular discounts can NOT be applied on Master Collection since this is a special offer. However, if you have already got some of these products individually and you want to get the rest of them at a lower price, let us know and we'll make you a special discount. (write to sales[at]jumpeyecomponents[dot]com)

Note. Are you looking for a bundle that includes just the JC components and comes with a big discount? Here it is.