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Loader Pro V1.2

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This product has been replaced by JC Loader.

About Loader Pro V1.2

Flash Loader Pro v1.2 is a loader component that supports horizontal and vertical content alignment, content resize, scale and other settings that the original mx.loader never did.
The Loader Pro component can be used in Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8. The component itself was developed under Flash 8 .

We also integrated alpha tween on appear and transition tween also. When you need a simple built in preloader just set the built in parameter "true" and set the color for it, or, you can use our own preloader.
This is a "quick use" component, even if you need a simple container for a basic movie, the Loader Pro component will certainly work well. This component adds touch to your flash movie in seconds. Use the component to display images and swfs' without scripting, or with less script. The latest upgrade was done in Oct. 2006, so the new Loader Pro v1.2 is now a little better.


  • _builtInPreloader:Boolean (default=true) if true will open the built In preloader; false will make it invisible.
  • _discard_old:Boolean (default=false) if true will discard last object loaded right when the new one starts loading; if false, will unload last object only when new object is arrived.
  • _preloaderColor:Color (default=0xFFFFFF) choose the color for the built in preloader from the color picker.
  • _scaleMode:String Enumeration (default="scale") modes available: scale, resize and none.
  • _alignH:String Enumeration (default=center) Horizontal alignment.
  • _alignV:String Enumeration (default=middle) Vertical alignment.
  • appear:String Enumeration (default=alpha) appearance modes available: alpha, transition, none.
  • contentPath:String Sets the link to the object that has to be loaded in the loader component.
  • speed:Number (default=10) the number of frames of the appearance transition tween.


IDE Version: Macromedia MX2004, Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS3
Action Script Version: AS2.0
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 7, Flash Player 8, Flash Player 9 +

UI Access

Loader Pro V1.2 can be accessed from Components panel under UI Pro Components – jumpEYE.