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JC Loader - Methods

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Method Description
hide Starts the hide transition if there is a hide transition set on the target JC Loader component instance. By calling the hide method, the content is unloaded after the transition ends.
removeAll Removes all the show/hide effects added to the JC Loader component instance, canceling any functionality provided by them. This method will not remove the JC Loader instance. To remove the JC Loader instance too, you'll need to remove it from the display list.
removeEffect Stops and removes an effect applied to the target JC Loader instance, while that effect is still playing. This function will not have any effect if it's applied before the effect starts or after the effect has finished (except when isTargetVisibleAtEnd is set to true and the transition type was hide). Depending on the value of the internalCall argument, it can trigger a JCLoaderEvent.TRANSITION_END event or not. If the method was called from within an internal class or a pattern object, this parameter should be true and the event will not trigger. If the method was called from outside the JCLoader class or outside the patterns, then the parameter's value should be false (the default value) and the JCLoader.TRANSITION_END event will be triggered.

This also has the possibility to remove a specific show/hide pattern from the JC Loader instance, by specifying a second argument. If that pattern argument is not specified, the method removes the current show/hide pattern that is being applied (while the transition is going on).

In the case of a hide transition the target object will be rendered invisible in the end, by the transition. If removeEffect() is called after the transition has finished, the target object will be displayed only if the isTargetVisibleAtEnd is set to true, otherwise the target object will remain hidden (the method has no effect).

internalCall : Boolean (default = false) - [optional] Instructs the method to dispatch a FLASHEFFEvents.TRANSITION_END event, if the value is false, that is if the method is not called from inside a pattern object.
pattern : IFlashEffSymbolText (default = null) - The show/hide pattern that should be removed from the list of patterns applied to the JC Loader instance.
removeHideTransition Removes the current pattern used for the hide transition.
removeShowTransition Removes the current pattern used for the show transition.
setXML Allows setting up the component according to xml data passed as parameter. The xml data is the same as the one obtained through the Copy button from within the JC Loader Panel.

Note: When setting a new XML object, the already existing settings and show/hide patterns will be overwritten.

xml : * - The XML object that contains setup information for the JC Loader component instance. It can be either of type XML, a XML object created by code, or of type String, the same xml data passed as String argument.
unload Unloads the content from the JC Loader instance. The unload process does not apply the hide transition but simply removes the content.

Note: If the content is a Flash clip that loads streams, those streams will not be unloaded and the content will not be cleared from the memory.

Overview | Properties | Methods | Events | ActionScript 3.0 usage | User Manual

Image and flash loader component with transition effects based on FlashEff 2.0. The pack contains the .mxp install file, the documentation files and the sample files.
Multiple scaling modes
1000+ show/hide effects (based on 52 FlashEff 2.0 patterns)
Built-in preloader
API for code manipulation
FlashEff-like configuration panel utility