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Vector Shape Pixelate Pro V1

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This product has been discontinued! Browse our components to find similar products.

About Pixelate Pro V1

Pixelate Pro v1 is a professional actionscript component that can be used along with your flash movies in order to perform high optimized pixel tweening for text and vectorial shapes. The Pixelate Pro component is special designed for Flash MX 2004 (but it works on Flash 8 too) and needs to be included in FlashPlayer 7 movies. This effect has never been done before, not dynamic, in order to perform such an effect you would probably need a lot of images, a lot of Kbytes and a lot of time. Using this component you're gonna save time, file size and, of course, money.

Buy, download and install the component using extension manager (FLASH 8 and FLASH MX 2004 Menu > Help > Manage Extensions). Than simply drag and drop the component in the first frame of your movie, outside the stage area. Once the component is in the movie you simply need to call the function on whatever movieclip you want, from anywhere. The pixelate function will not work properly on dynamic text and images enclosed into movieclips. The pixelate prototype is suited for vectorial shapes and static text enclosed, of course in movieclips. For image pixelate effect try to use the built in functions of the Flash 8.


The full syntax looks like the following, but do not forget that every parameter is optional. After you buy the component please look into the fla example file, you'll understand what does every param do. We also recommend to play a little bit with the params before using it, you might find interesting new tweens.

my_mc.pixelate(action:String, max:Number, speed:Number, color:String, widthProcent:Number, heightProcent:Number, nextFunc:Function)

action: an optional string that identifies what action will apply on the movieclip; default: "in" (options: "in", "out");
max: an optional integer that hold the maximum size of a square pixel; default: 30 (accepted values from 1 to 200);
speed: an optional divization/(multiplication) factor; default: 1.2 ;accepted values from 1 to 2; (cool effect values from 1.04 to 1.28)
color: an optional string color. The pixels in the transition will be colored in this color or default black; default: "0x000000"
widthProcent: an optional multiplying number that multiplies the width of the pixel; default value: 1 ; accepted values from 0.1 to 2;
heightProcent: an optional multiplying number that multiplies the height of the pixel; default value: 1 ; accepted values from 0.1 to 2;
nextFunc: an optional function which is called right after the transition is done.


IDE Version: Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS3
Action Script Version: AS2.0
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 8, Flash Player 9 +

UI Access

Pixelate Pro V1 can be accessed from Components panel under UI Pro Components – jumpEYE.


You'll get a Full version of Pixelate Pro V1, with all the above features included. You also get full support and warranty for 90 days. Please carefully read our Software License Agreement before downloading, installing, or using this product and be sure that you accept all of our Terms and Conditions.