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CPTheme Dark Board

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Important note: This theme is only available for purchase within the V3 Components pack which includes MCTE, Accordion Panel, Accordion Tree Menu, Drop Down Tree Menu, Color Picker Pro, Loader Pro and XML Slide Show (All V3, both AS2 and AS3).
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Applying themes to Color Picker Pro V3

About CPTheme Dark Board (theme for Color Picker Pro V3)

CPTheme Dark Board is a theme for Color Picker Pro V3, it can only be purchased separately, and in order to work, you need to have the Color Picker Pro V3 installed on your Flash.

Drag and drop the CPThemeDarkBoard flash component to the stage(or library), from the Components panel, and use "CPThemeDarkBoard" for the theme parameter when configuring Color Picker Pro V3.

Find more information about the skinning using themes from the Color Picker Pro V3 webpage, or from its helpbook.


IDE Version: Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS3
Action Script Version: AS2.0, AS3.0
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 8, Flash Player 9 +

UI Access

CPTheme Dark Board for Color Picker Pro V3 can be accessed from Components panel under V3 Components - Jumpeye, (red V3 icon).


You'll get a Full version of CPTheme Dark Board for Color Picker Pro V3 AS 2.0 Release. You also get full suport and warranty for 90 days. Please carefully read our Software Licence Agreement before downloading, installing, or using this product and be sure that you accept all of our Terms and Conditions.