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Context Menu Pro V1

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This product has been discontinued! Browse our components to find similar products.

About Context Menu Pro V1

Context Menu Pro v1 is a professional component that can be used along with your flash movies. Context Menu Pro is special designed for FLASH 8 and Flash MX 2004. From the properties panel you can customize all default parameters, such as quality, print, play, save, zoom. Context Menu Pro v1 is a professional component that can be used inside your flash movies in order to speedup the process of custom right click menu (context menu) integration. Context Menu Pro is special designed for FLASH 8 and Flash MX 2004 and ActionScript2. It is a great tool and extremely useful, it includes all the features that can be included for context menu, but is very easy to set up. From the properties panel you can customize the default parameters (play, loop, zoom, etc), and also you can set the .xml file from where it will load context menu's content. The Context Menu Pro's custom items source file is a basic XML file.

Simply drag&drop tool to the stage and it will give you the opportunity to have a customized right-click menu, in seconds. To hide your right click menu on the stage, just drag&drop component to the stage. To add new Items on your stage's Context Menu simply set up some basic lines in the xml file. To load items in runtime use this syntax: cmenuInstance.loadXML(xmlvar); the xmlvar should contain an XML similar to the XML file.

The XML file

Every item may have the following attributes: "name", "func", "enable", "separator"
"name" is a string that will appear in the right click menu. (IF the function is set and IF the function EXISTS in the movie)
"func" is the callback function that will be called when user clicks the customized item.
"enable" is an optional boolean(true/false) attribute that should be used only when disabling items. (enable="false") Else, enable="true"
"separator" is an optional boolean attribute used to draw a "separation line" before the current item.


1. Drag & drop component.
2. Hides the Custom Menu's builtin items by default.
3. All builtin items can be reactivated individually or together.
4. Add new items to the context menu from a simple XML file or XML var.
5. Refresh context menu with new items in runtime.
6. Drag&drop the Context Menu Pro component to any movieclip inside your stage for customizing it's context menu.


IDE Version: Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS3
Action Script Version: AS2.0
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 8, Flash Player 9 +

UI Access

Context Menu Pro V1 can be accessed from Components panel under UI Pro Components – jumpEYE.


You'll get a Full version of Context Menu Pro V1, with all the above features included. You also get full suport and warranty for 90 days. Please carefully read our Software Licence Agreement before downloading, installing, or using this product and be sure that you accept all of our Terms and Conditions.